gratuitous doggy picture



  1. Suzanne says:

    No, no haircut yet.

    The pictures from yesterday were pre-bath, though, and that might have made a difference in the way her legs look.

    Oh wait. I lied. Mark did trim a little bit around her feet last night just to get rid of some of the fluff that gets so messy and dirty when taking trips out to the snow and rain and yuck….

  2. Mary Ann (mom) says:

    I can’t wait to meet this cutie!!! Hope you have told her about her Gramma Mary Ann who will get to take care of her at times when her family goes out.

  3. Mary says:

    What a cutie!

    Chesty is all white so I’m surprised that he doesn’t get dirtier out in the slush/snow – probably because we pick him up and carry him over the worst of it – easier than bathing him everytime we turn around.

    BTW, I happen to like the “Adorable” page and don’t think it’s contrived at all!

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