Such inspired post headings.  Sad.  Too much creative energy going other places, I guess.  That or too much laundry.

I quilted a quilt today, but none of the dozen or so pictures I took actually shows the quilting,  plus I think this quilt is going into the pile of  “I might try to write a pattern for this someday.”

Which means that you are stuck with another scrapbook page featuring my nephew.  I was going to do some journaling on the page, but once I got the word art on it, I decided that the quote from Picasso really said it all for me.


We went to the Firefighter’s Fish Fry tonight.  Yum.  The only problem is that I need to go shower and change my clothes because now I smell like the Firefighter’s Fish Fry.  Yuck.

Mark and I were trying to figure out why they had it this week.  It seems like they usually wait until Lent, but…Lent doesn’t start until next week.  Meant to ask someone but didn’t think about it while we were there.

The boys are all at the basketball game tonight.  I’m home alone all day long, but there is something different about being in the house alone when everyone else is really supposed to be here.  I feel like I ought to be partying or something crazy.

Oh, I know. Maybe I’ll go play Wii.  LOL

Have a nice weekend!



  1. Alycia says:

    Oh yes – when they leave you should defineatly commandeer the wii – that is the only time i EVER get to play!! Your scrapbooks are so cute. very creative!

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