Computer stuff

You would think that for as long as I’ve been doing computer stuff I would know just how stinking long everything takes to do.  At least 10 times longer than I think it’s going to.

I had a nice quiet house today while I did some of my computer stuff.  I had to play the piano for a funeral this morning, and the boys got to go to my sister-in-law’s house while I did that.  When I went to pick them up she said they could stay for awhile!  They were keeping her two entertained and out of her hair, so it worked well for all involved.

We tried to go bowling tonight.  I meant to take my camera so I could get some bowling shots, but it wouldn’t have mattered.  We had supper at the bowling alley first, but it disagreed with me (supper, not the bowling alley).  The boys brought me home and then went back.  And 5 minutes later they were home again.  Turns out it was league night.  Phooey.

Here’s a tiny glimpse at some of the computer stuff I’ve been doing.


Have I mentioned lately how much I love Photoshop?


p.s.  Did you see that my pesky brother posted a comment again?  This time it was about how the breeze off the Mediterranean was a little too cool for his taste.  Good thing he’s way over there on the Mediterranean and I’m way over here in Iowa, cause if he were closer I might have to smack him.


  1. Mary says:

    Do you use the full version? I’ve had fun playing with Photoshop Elements and even bought a decent how to book but I’m so tempted to take an online class seeing all the cool things you’re working on. Maybe when things settle down a bit…

  2. Vicki W says:

    Your brother is not very bright. All 3 of my younger brothers have learned that older sisters have very LONG memories and hold DEEP grudges. 🙂

  3. Dave S. (Suzanne's brother) says:

    If you keep baiting me, I’ll keep biting…and posting. And no, not very bright.

    It’s starting to warm up here, not as cool as it has been the last couple of days. You should see the locals when the temperature drops below 60…they break out the wool caps and winter coats. Not as bad as the Cambodians though–if the temp drops below 75 in S.E. Asia the locals put on the heavy coats/hats/gloves. It would get really, really dangerous if it ever snowed here.


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