Brrrrrrrrr, plus a question

Is it spring yet?

I thought about complaining about the snow and ice and wind and subzero temps, but I guess I’ll just let you imagine the complaints.

I haven’t been able to continue my journaling project because Shimelle hasn’t posted any new prompts!  I hope she’s OK!  I suppose I could have made something up for the last few days, but I just now thought of that.  (LOL)

Some sewing and quilting has taken place around these parts, but…I haven’t taken any pictures, and taking pictures would require me to get up and move to a different part of the house.  Yes, I’m being lazy tonight.  Or maybe I’m just crabby because I’m cold.

I do have some layouts to share.  They are both from challenges issued on the message board at

The first one is “scraplifted” from a layout that was a challenge on another website (  In other words, that layout pretty directly inspired the photography layout on this one.


And in this one, the quote was the challenge, it came from as well.


Aren’t they silly?

I think I’m going to go sew.  Either that or crawl underneath a quilt.


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  1. Karen Langseth says:

    Hang in there Suzanne, Spring is right around the corner!!! Myself, I can’t hardly wait to be sweating again.

    I see from your journaling project, that you have those toys at your home also. We have darts all over the place and my 19 year old DD has just as much fun with them as the 10 year old boy, and my hubby and I have been known to shoot off a couple of rounds ourselves. Cheap fun!!!

    Karen L

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