Sack number 1

Well, maybe I’ll be a Midwestern trend-setter, right?  Thanks for the input.  I’ve got one sack made, I’ll make a few more and see how it goes.

My husband thinks I’m a little nuts, but that’s really nothing new.

After posting earlier, I did some searching, and found this tutorial for making a shopping sack using an actual plastic bag as the pattern.  Duh, what a concept.


I’m not sure how long it took me.  An hour maybe?  I’m sure the next one will go faster.  Part of the time was spent walking across the house to my computer to check the instructions for the next step.  I didn’t want to print the instructions out, that seemed like it defeated the purpose of trying to be a little more environmentally friendly.  And hey, I guess it meant I got a little more exercise.  Right?  LOL

The whole thing folds up into the pocket on the front.  Sort of.  It’s a little bit bulky across the bottom of the sack.

The instructions were a little confusing when I first read them, particularly the part about how you fold to form the sides.  It made a lot more sense when I actually looked at the plastic grocery sack and realized how it was put together.  After that, the instructions were crystal clear.

I got most of it done earlier, but I had to go to the movie tonight.  I had to!  Instead of Alvin and the Chipmunks, our theater had Enchanted for a second weekend.  I went with SIL and her daughter.  It was just as good the second time as it was the first!

And I almost forgot:  last Sunday, while we were stuck in Minneapolis waiting for a plane:  Hillary Clinton made a campaign stop in my little town.


I wish I’d been here so that I could have gone just for the experience.  As I said before, I don’t intend to talk about my politics here on my blog, but just the fact that we had a national candidate in town – wow!

And now, thankfully, the candidates have moved on to other states and we can once again answer our phones without wondering if it was yet another political message.  And we can watch TV again.  Phew.

Have a good night!


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  1. kathie Holland says:

    thanks for the link and showing your bag you made.
    I am going to make a bag or two!
    great idea.
    I reuse the paper bags from the grocery store for the past few years plus I bought some from the grocery store for 99 cents each but I would prefer to have some homemade ones 🙂
    thanks again

  2. marcella says:

    Nice bag! Stores will let you use any bag, so don’t worry about them turning yours away. I was in a grocery store before Christmas with a bag from a competitor. Hey, it was all I had left empty in the car. The checker teased me a little then he said “hey, I can’t bring myself to pack your groceries in that bag” and then he proceded to pull out one of their store cloth bags for my groceries and gave it to me as a gift. Too funny! But, hey another cloth bag is nice and free is always a good thing.

  3. wildonionstudio says:

    I’ve used a couple of cloth bags for a while… I keep them on the purse holder shelf in between the driver’s and passenger’s seat (that is for holding a purse, right? Not for some technical automobile necessity??!) The problem for me is, unless I begin chanting “don’t leave the bags in the car, don’t leave the bags in the car, don’t leave the bags in the car” as I pull into the grocery store parking lot….I leave the bags in the car.

  4. lizzyjo says:

    Such a great ideal!
    My aunt and I have been wanting to do this for some time now but this has made me really jump to it!

    Why I am here, would you mid if I posted a link to your blog on my blog??? I am just getting it started so right now its not much and I want to add some links to other blogs as well. But I think it would be the polite thing to do if I were to ask the other bloger’s first!

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