How I Make So Many Quilts

I don’t do any housework.

Well: I don’t do it until it is absolutely necessary.  We are all pretty good about keeping the main living areas (the kitchen and the Great Room) clear of clutter.  We try to do the dishes right away after supper, so things don’t pile up and get crusty.  And I have never been in charge of putting toys away — Mark has always had pretty specific ideas about how and where to put toys away, so I let him and the boys deal with that.

Plus, he does most of the laundry.  Every once in awhile he decides to dust, but I sort of figure that since we live on a gravel road, there’s not much point in dusting, as everything will quickly be covered up by a thin layer again soon anyway.

I do drag out the vacuum cleaner occasionally to suck up the really big dust bunnies, but they usually get quite large before I actually notice them.

I should also add that my children are very independent and entertain themselves (without getting into trouble…) for very long stretches of time.

Remember yesterday’s post in which I was all virtuous about how much fabric I had used or allocated to specific quilts?

Well, I did a fair job of replacing that fabric today via a trip to a fabric store.  It was all on sale!  Honest!

5 yards of corduroy (originally $9.99 marked down to $2.50 a yard!)  6.75 yards of various red prints (all 40% off! I was just going to buy half yard cuts (I only needed 2 yards total…) but it was on sale!) Plus, I’m of the opinion that a person can’t have too much red fabric. dsc04245.jpg

I’ve already spent some time messing around with the corduroy and trying out what I intended it for, and I’m not sure it’s actually going to work the way I had hoped.  But I figured that at the price I got it for, if it didn’t work for the quilt idea I had, I could always make a skirt.  Or several skirts.  Oh — skirts for nieces!  Hey — there’s an idea!

Oh, and there was some blue fabric, too:


Did I mention it was on sale?

The most important thing I bought, though, was the package of blades for my rotary cutter.  (Those were 40% off, too, which is pretty significant when the full pack is $42…) It’s like cutting butter with a hot knife.  I need to remember that sensation and change my darned blade sooner.  That, and I think know I need a new cutting mat, too.

Two more sleeps until my trip.  Better go get started on one of those sleeps!



  1. Angela says:

    Ooooh — love those red fabrics. And you know how hard it is to find good reds? Perfect! Love those cherries too. Skirts for neices would be perfect! Or bags. Bags are really good too :0).

  2. joyce says:

    I agree. You NEED red and lots of it. I bought a rotary blade sharpener but it only works a few times and then you really need new blades. I find that using a dull one causes shoulder and neck pain. Having to put too much pressure on I suppose. Also those single threads missed are so so annoying.

  3. Jeanne says:

    That first picture is so cheery! I guess the red cherry fabric is the corduroy. How about a nice jacket for Suzanne with red collar, cuffs, and front facings?

  4. Jami says:

    Okay…where are you shopping for fabric? Since IA Star closed, I know you have to drive to find it! Great reds! You are right, you can never have to many reds! Hmmm…I feel the need to re-stock my reds…and blues! Watch out checkbook! 🙂

  5. Jan says:

    Those reds are just inspiring!! I’m trying to remember what long stretches of quilting time is like 😀 I think I need to go shopping….

  6. paula, the quilter says:

    I could have *so* written this post; at least the portion about cleaning. I live on a dirt road and have given up on dusting. I’ll occasionally vacuum the dust off and out of the electronics, tho. No kids, no pets so the messes are minimal with only 2 of us. Nice reds.

  7. Deb Levy says:

    The fabrics are great! And you needed to replenish your stash after using those 37 yards.

    I don’t clean much either….life’s too short.

  8. Chris says:

    You sound a lot like me! LOL Cleaning only happens when I have to. And I only have to for a few reasons. Company, the husband starts to complain, or I am just disgusted enough to actually care.

    Ok, before I sound like a total pig, my house is not dirty at all. The main level where we spend our time is always kept up. But for the basement, or bedrooms, well they all have doors to close! So out of site and out of mind!

    What a great little story, and LOVE the fabrics. If you feel you have to justify buying them………then on sale is always a good excuse!

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