Hello 2008

I see lots of bloggers are wrapping up 2007 and declaring their plans for 2008. I was sort of thinking of doing something similar myself, but I’ve run out of steam for the day. I’ve made progress in tunneling out some of the disaster that masquerades as my quilting studio — with the general idea that Ill actually get some quilting done soon. In between picking up and putting away, I did do some sewing, and I meant to take a picture of that, but it’s all the way on the other side of the house….

I find that I’m pretty much ready to just be done for the day, but I will leave you with a photo from our trip:


I made the boys humor me while I visited Mood Fabrics —  as seen on Project Runway.  Wow.  Aisle after aisle after aisle of more fabric (and more kinds of fabric) than I’ve ever seen in one place.    I’m not much of a garment sewer, but if I had access to that kind of a selection of fabric, I might be convinced to change my mind and learn.

I hope that your first day of 2008 has treated you well, and I’ll babble at you some more tomorrow.



  1. Lynn Douglass says:

    OMG!!!! As soon as I scrolled down to that picture, I KNEW where it was taken! I’m about to have a cow, man! MOOD!!!! Okay, I’m going to go visit Donna and have her take me there! I’m so danged jealous, I could spit! Oh, yah….glad you’re home. 🙂

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