Finally home


I was supposed to be home yesterday, but it took me until this morning to actually pull into my own driveway.   When my plane landed (30 minutes late) in 6:30, it was to discover that (A) my luggage was still in Denver and (b) it was snowy and windy and subzero temperatures in Des Moines.

Due to (A) I was unable to change my shoes, so I had to wear my Crocs out into (B).  Thanks to the drifts of snow around my car I wound up with soaking wet socks and ice cold toes.

The drive home is about 90 miles, which usually takes about 90 minutes total.   It took me 90 minutes to do half of it, and it was getting worser and worser the further I drove.  My nerves were shot, so I pulled into a Super 8 and finished the second half of the drive this morning.  Hopefully my luggage joins me soon.

School is delayed 2 hours, but it’s almost time to drag the boys out the door.  When I get back I have a bazillion things to do.

Like respond to the Jury Duty notice that arrived while I was gone.  What a way to end what had been a really great trip.


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  1. Angela says:

    OUCH!!!! At least you did get home safe and sound. This story would have been much worse if you had gone off into a ditch (without warm shoes). Hang in there — on the plus side we’re supposed to have some sun and bitter freezing cold temps to balance out the snow…

  2. Karen (Misiz C) says:

    Glad you made it home…. saw the weather report so had my fingers crossed for you. It was a pleasure to meet you at the show. Thanks again for spending time answering my A-1 questions…. Lynn will probably be glad to hear I’m a bit more serious now :cD (especially after quilting another quilt last night).

    Hope your bags catch up with you soon. Also hope the boys like their hats even tho the team lost on Sunday. We are just now finding out how banged up the team was, so all things considered, they did pretty good making it a game.

  3. Deb Levy says:

    Glad you got home safely. The jury duty thing must be nationwide…I got my 2nd summons…I had to do it last month too. I know there are more people in this town than just me….like my husband…who has NEVER been called in all his life! go figure that one!

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