Minor complaint

Just got back from the post office, and I have to say:  is it just me or is the selection of Christmas stamps offered by the United States Postal Service less than inspiring???   The Madonna and Child stamp is very pretty, but it doesn’t really suit my style, and the Holiday Knits stamps?  I just don’t think they are very cute.  Here’s a link so you can see them: Holiday Stamps from the USPS

Maybe next year I’ll try getting our own personalized stamps.

Then I won’t be able to complain if they aren’t cute, right?

And if you do like the USPS stamps, my apologies if I’ve offended.  To each his own, right?



  1. Clevelandgirlie says:

    Yeah – the holiday knit stamps are not very festive, are they. I agree with you – the stamps this year are NOT pretty at all. I would write a letter — but no one would read it!

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