Living in a one-horse town

Most of the time I like living in a small town.  Really, I do.

Today is not one of those times.

Our post office was apparently only open from 8:30 to 10:30 this morning.  Not only did I have book orders to mail, but they’ve been holding our mail for the past week, and I’d dearly love to know what is sitting there waiting for me.

I was so annoyed that it was closed that I drove all the way home and was inside the house before I remembered that I wanted to go to the Pharmacy to get some Sudafed.

I hauled my cookies back out to the car and back downtown only to discover that the pharmacy was closed, too.

Moving on:

I can’t decide which of these two pictures I like better:



This is my adorable nephew Colin. We were watching Mark, Will, and Joe skate in Central Park.

Colin is such a sweetheart.  He’s sporting a hat that his Gramma Reed (my mom) knit for him.  He calls me Aunt Suzy and says “Suzy” in a way that I wish I could reproduce so you could understand just how cute it is coming out of his mouth.   He mimics everything.  If you ask him to say something, he’ll try.  It’s pretty funny to listen to him.  My boys didn’t talk as much (or as early).  He shares a nanny with a little girl that is 6 months older than he is, which I suspect has had an impact on his early language skills.  I wish he lived closer so I could spoil him more.  I will get to see him (and spoil him) again in another 6 or 8 weeks — after his little sister arrives!




  1. Deb says:

    Mine, that child must have gorgeous parents! LOL

    He is photogenic, isn’t he? Today he was asking for Will and Joe while taking his “nap”.

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