Day 8 text

I thought I was going to get this page done tonight, but I’m out of steam.  It’s close, but still needs a bit of tweaking.  The prompt was to think about the sights of Christmas, and this is the text of my journaling.  I’ll finish the page in the morning.  Photoshop is doing something goofy with my text and I’m just too tired to puzzle my way through it right now.


This time of year, everything seems more exciting — all dressed up and glamorous, with lights on all of the houses and businesses, lighted displays in the park, and all of the fancy decorations that only come out once a year.  Our outside lights didn’t get put out this year — the weather just didn’t cooperate.  Inside, though, we are quite festive.  The boys did the tree, Mark put the lighted garland up on the railing.  The stockings, of course, are hung with care.  Many of my angels stay out all year, but the Christmasy ones have made their appearance.  The Snowman collection, the Santas, the Nativity scenes — everything is out for its time in the sun.  I love seeing all of the special things, and it makes me sad when everything is put away, but really — it would be too much if it were out all the time.  Part of the magic of Christmas is that it is only once a year.


Mark came in and was reading over my shoulder.  He said, “Yeah, it’s only once a year but it lasts from October through December.”

Well, in a way he’s right — the stores put their stuff out earlier and earlier every year, don’t they?  But in our house the “dressing up” only lasts from Thanksgiving until New Years (or thereabouts…).  Plenty long enough, I think.