Christmas Journal — Day 3

Christmas Journal Day 3

I decided to go with a slightly goofy photo for the card itself, as well as using both the card and the really goofy picture for today’s journal.

The upper right text reads:

When the boys were little we sent out long letters with a full page of photos that looked back over an entire year. It’s been several years since we’ve sent out anything — no one (me) has been in the mood to mess with cards.

I took today’s journal prompt as the sign that it was time to send cards out again.

The lower left text reads:

Trying to get a serious picture of the boys is something of a challenge. I’m not even sure why I attempt it! The picture I chose (and this outtake) let’s their true personalities shine through.

There is still much to be done before the cards can be sent out — envelopes to order, address list to make, design approval (from Mark), stamps, to buy, and etc, but I feel good about having gotten this far already this year!

I added the chipboard letters to make the title at the very end of the process. It wasn’t until I was doing so that I realized the irony of the word itself, and the placement over the two “cards” that were making a funny face at the camera. Even when I’m not paying attention, I’m all about the cheap puns, don’t you know???



Paper and embellishments: Erica Hite — A Joyful Season
Title alpha: Designs by Laura — Custom fill chipboard alpha — simple
Font: Joyful Juliana


  1. cat stone says:

    You’ve done a great job with the three journal pages so far. Now I’ll have to make sure I get to see the rest. I’m trying not to think about Christmas too much. After all, we’ve still got heaps of time left, haven’t we?

  2. Mary says:

    It makes me miss my boys – not twins but just 18 months apart in age. I’ll see Adam tomorrow and Chris will be here for Christmas but I like it best when we’re all together like we were just before Thanksgiving in GA.

    It also makes me kind of glad I had my kids at a young age! I don’t think I have the energy to keep up with 8 year old boys!

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