Christmas Journal — Day 16 plus a really old UFO

December 16, 2007

The little tag says “I’m a lucky girl, with a lot to be very thankful for.”

It is not the best picture of my husband, but I do not have very many pictures of him.   If I take a better one of him sometime soon, I’ll replace it.

The lyrics along the side are from the song “Thankful,” which is on the new Josh Groban Christmas CD.

I’ve been helping my mom getting ready for her house guests. When I was at her house on Saturday she had out some Christmas ornaments and I snagged this one to bring home to my tree:


Cute, right? Cross-stitched by me when I was….7 years old. Mom would have been the one to add the lace, backing, and hanger.

Except look:


It has never been stitched by hand to close it up.

The sad thing is that I hung it on the tree in order to take the pictures, and I suspect that it will stay there until it gets taken off the tree, packed away…and remain unfinished until I pull it out of the box next year.   Or maybe I’ll surprise everyone and just go do it, since it’ll take, what, all of about 5 minutes???




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