Christmas Journal — Day 13

Now I’m only going to be one day behind.  Hopefully this weekend I can get caught back up, before the craziness of next week descends upon us.  (It’s a good kind of crazy, but crazy nonetheless…)

We are headed to the movie theater to see Beowulf tonight.



December 13, 2007

Text reads:

Twin boys means gifts that are (a) the same (b) the same but different or (c) equivalent.  Since so many are option (a) — it only makes sense for those to be opened at the same time.  Whether it is Christmas morning at home, or we are with Grandparents or other relatives, we usually take turns opening packages, starting with the kids.  I remember childhood Christmas morning as being a free-for-all, but my Mom says that we did take turns.  Because we lived far from family, we had piles of gifts to open on Christmas morning — many had arrived in the mail.  Now we live close to relatives, so we “have Christmas” with lots of different people, opening gifts at many different times throughout the month.


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