Yes, It’s Official

Wii are nuts.

And no, the boys don’t have any potential way to read my blog, so Wii are safe.

So, last night when I posted the previous post, I had just started looking around online.  I REFUSE to pay a premium — there are a number of places that you can buy the $250 package for $500 or more.  Not going to happen.

I found that one of the Big Box stores had a bundle online and in stock.  But it was bundled with extra controllers, and 7 extra games (6 of which you got to choose from a list).  Wii weren’t impressed with the list, and didn’t want to spend that much money just to get the console and a bunch of games Wii didn’t really want.  (But Wii considered it, because even though it costs a lot, you actually GET something for that extra money).

I looked around for awhile (and found several websites that are Product trackers — they check various online sources and display the status at each store — you can even sign up  for e-mail alerts) and then headed to bed.

This morning, just for fun, I checked the Big Box website again, and by golly — they  had a different list of games to choose from.  More choice — and better games!  So……Wii are done with boy-Christmas shopping for this year!  Woohoo!  Wii are the coolest parents in the world.  Except Wii aren’t going to get credit — Santa will get all of that love….

Last night Joe asked Mark point blank “Tell me the truth.  Is Santa real or not?  Don’t lie to me.”

Mark answered “Of course he’s real.”

(I promise to quit using Wii in future posts.  I just couldn’t resist.)


  1. atbquilting says:

    Congratulations on getting your hands on one! Wii were looking last year, but not for Christmas. My boys had been following the progress of the Wii for months and had worked and saved up the money to buy one. This was the first time they had actually saved for something that expensive and Wii wanted that to be rewarded. Finally got our hands on one near the end of January or beginning of February and Wii also had to buy a bundle of games. I was just like you I wasn’t buying games we didn’t want them to have just to get the console. Finally found a deal where there were enough choices and it was in stock. Since we bought it at least nine months ago, I have only seen the consoles on a store shelf three times.

    Also you are fortunate your boys don’t have access to your blog. All three “boys” in this house read mine!

  2. Diane Duda says:

    Wii were considering this gift too…however only one of our 3 boys wants it.
    Which, of course, would mean having to get comparable gifts for the other two. Argh! What happened to the days of coloring books and tinker toys?

    Congratulations on finding yours!


  3. mtpeek says:

    Congratulations! Dare I ask if the package contained several controllers? The game only comes with one and multi-players aren’t an option unless each player has his own controller. Oh, and you’ll be a total hero if you have lots of batteries on hand. The controllers need them and use them rather quickly.

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