The year of the finished Christmas quilts


More pictures tomorrow when the light is better. As in: when there actually IS light, as opposed to right now, when it is pitch-black outside.

(And by finished, I mean quilted and BOUND, with a finished binding!)

And in the dryer — another Christmas quilt that I finished quilting a few weeks ago. I finally decided (as with the Snowman Rows) that if I wanted it done anytime soon, a machine finished binding was in order.

Oh, and tomorrow I’ll take a picture of the Christmas ornament that the Star Baby fabric reminds me of.

I tried to rewrite that sentence so that it didn’t end with a preposition, and I just can’t do it right now.  It’s beyond my capabilities at this hour of the night, apologies to anyone that might be bothered.

As for how I accomplish so much:  my studio and office are a MESS, I have a very tolerant family, and I have a tendency to hyper-focus when I’m in the throes of something.

After this weekend of crazy sewing, I’ll probably sit around eating bon-bons for a week.  Or something…….




  1. Tanya Brown says:

    Say, the swirl you’ve made in the border reminds me of swirling snow a bit! very clever.

    Bon-bons, eh? My husband scored a chocolate cheesecake earlier. Would you like a piece to celebrate your quilting frenzy?

  2. Jan Thompson says:

    Suzanne – I love that border fabric. Is it a recent purchase (like maybe still available), or probably gone by now? The whole quilt is great!

  3. Helen Conway says:

    “….the christmas ornament of which the star baby fabric reminds me….!”
    Thanks for stopping on my blog and its great to know that somone else even knows that you are not supposed to end on a preposition!!

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