Stars and more stars

Plenty of stars were on stage last night. If I ever get involved with the musical again, and I suspect I may — for those dark hours of worry, I’ll remember that they CAN and DO pull it off. Was it perfect? No. Are we headed for Broadway? No. But — the kids had fun, the audience had fun — and that’s all that really matters.

I’m not nearly as tired today as I expected to be. I did sleep in, but I haven’t felt the need to nap. We are headed out to a movie tonight, though, and I’m a little concerned about my ability to sit still in the dark for 1.5 hours without falling asleep….

Mom and I went to a Christmas open house at a gift shop out in the country this morning. Found some stuff I couldn’t live without. I’ll take pictures tomorrow.

Yesterday I did finish the top I showed off in Friday’s post. I love this pattern. I forgot to mention that the pattern is called “Checkerboard Stars” and is from Fig Tree Quilts. They seem to have a nice range of projects — from simple piecing to complex appliqué.

As I was finishing the Christmas top (with fabric that is actually from a line called “Angel Baby” — not Star Baby as I said the other day…) I had another idea — well, more than one….first, this would make an EXCELLENT Quilt Of Valor project. This is a fast quilt, but it is interesting. The cover quilt is done as a 2 fabric quilt, but it’s obviously very easy to toss in 3 fabrics or colors, depending on what you are looking for.

The other idea I had was that this would be perfect for the quilt I need to make for my cousin’s baby. (Two cousin’s had babies, the first baby’s quilt is made, but not delivered yet, as I was waiting until the 2nd quilt was made). The first baby got John Deere fabric — the 2nd baby is getting baseball. He’s actually named for a baseball player (Maddux)…..

So, here’s what I did today:


I am running up against the limits of the red fabric, so I thought I’d stick in the cornerstones — and then I thought it would look even better like this:


I adore checkerboards.  I’m thinking I might need to always make quilts that include some sort of checkerboards from now on.

Just kidding.

But still, isn’t that adorable with the checkerboard sashing?  I really think the blue cornerstones make it pop, too.

Several things to point out:

1.  To make 4 stars, you need 4 squares that are approximately 27 inches — I didn’t have enough of any one blue print, so I pieced some together — worked like a charm!

2.  When you are laying your fabric out, make sure that they are all face-up. Notice anything funny about the bottom right star? One of the large squares of baseball fabric was face down. Oops. Luckily, I was able to still use the pieces to make the stars, and I had already planned to cut the blocks down smaller than the other quilt I made (the other finishes at 24, these finish at 21 inches).

3.  Read the directions.  The first time I read the directions, I was not pleased because it talks about tracing the star pattern onto freezer paper — and I was mad because it seemed that the designer must have access to wider freezer paper than I did.  I actually put the pattern down in disgust.  The other day I actually read ALL of the directions, and found the part where it says to tape 2 pieces of freezer paper together.  I probably could have figured that out myself, but sometimes I don’t want to have to think.

My boys both have quilts made out of the patriotic baseball fabric.  It’s a Daisy Kingdom fabric from awhile ago.  I made twin size quilts for them when they moved into their big beds.  I ordered the baseball fabric in flannel for the backs.  I was going to make curtains too, but only ever made one.  Can’t remember why only one….

Of course, they never ever sleep under those quilts — they prefer the soft, well-loved baby quilts their Grandma made.  They’ll allow me to pull up their newer (lap-sized) quilts, occasionally, but even in the dead of winter when Mark and I are snuggled under a sheet and TWO quilts, the boys still just want a single layer.   Sometimes not even that.  I’ll find them in the morning with their bare feet hanging out and they don’t seem to mind.  Brrr.  I’m walking around with 2 layers on, thick socks and my shoes and they’ll be walking around barefoot.  Crazies.

Better get ready for my movie date!




  1. Deb Levy says:

    Love it! I think you’re right it would make a great QOV.

    Got some new music playing now to get rid of grease playing in your head?
    Enjoy your movie and a well deserved rest.

  2. Angela says:

    What a great little baby quilt! I am SO glad I’m not the only one who has to remind herself to actually READ the directions. You have no idea of the problems this caused me last week!

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