Quilting outlook

No sewing today, but tomorrow’s outlook for quilting is very positive.

Even better, I get to help make some alterations to the costumes for Grease.   A lot of stuff was way too big, particularly girl’s tops.  I thought about suggesting they stuff their bras, but I refrained.  The funniest part was the girls who were all complaining about their high-waisted pants.  And having to tuck their shirts in.  The general consensus seemed to be that the costumes weren’t as cute as they were hoping.  Really, though, I think they were a lot cuter than they thought they were.

Two dress rehearsals are all that’s left between now and our performance for the elementary school kids.  Today’s practice was much more reassuring than yesterday’s, however the pianist had a couple of huge flubs, and I sure hope she gets her act together.

Going to bed early might help.


(Click to view larger).  It’s kinda lame, and I shouldn’t have even been messing with it — I meant to go to bed 45 minutes ago (and yes, it is quite early for me to try to go to bed…) but I didn’t want to blog without some picture of some kind.   I love the way her tongue is practically wrapped around her nose in this one.

And unfortunately this whole blog post is pretty lame, but this crazy blog author committed to daily posts in November.  Tomorrow will be less lame, I promise.



  1. wildonionstudio says:

    Not to say I told you so– but who did you think you were fooling with the “I’m not going to scrapbook” idea?!!!

    I got chills, they’re multiplyin’
    And I’m losin’ control….

  2. Diane F says:

    That is one cute picture of Katie! And now thanks to the fact that Susan has me singing the rest of the song she started I can think of nothing else to day.

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