One holiday down

Let’s get on with the next one!

Our Thanksgiving feast was a rousing success!  Good food, great company, etc, etc….We even got a long distance phone call from my brother and his wife from overseas!

After the guests were gone and my husband had put our Great Room back together, I was a little surprised to find him putting up the Christmas tree already.

He informed me that he thought we ought to try to purge our Christmas stuff a little bit.  I amazed him by coming up with enough stuff that we can get rid of that we can eliminate one entire large tub!

The boys have decided that it is their job to hang the ornaments on the tree, so after the lights were on, they got to work.  In fact, they are still working, more than an hour later….


I was trying to just get candid photos of them working, and not posing.  Joe clearly had other ideas.

I thought this photo was pretty cool, too.


The snow in yesterday’s photo was the first snow we’ve had this season.  It was supposed to be just a few flurries, but it did turn into a small amount of accumulation.  Luckily it quit before it turned into a problem for the guests driving to our house.

Seems like I meant to tell all of you something else, but I can’t remember what it was.  Must not have been important……

That must mean I need to try to go to bed early so I can recover from too much cooking and too much food….




  1. Jami says:

    Wow! I have at least thought about it…but that’s it! Really like the 2nd photo. Looks like the boys are doing a good job!

  2. Suzanne's mother (Mary Ann) says:

    The family feast was great, Suzanne has the best house for parties. She has a huge space that can be arranged in many ways, a big kitchen, great job kiddo!

  3. Lynn Douglass says:

    Love the pictures of the boys decorating the tree. Makes me want to get my house going with the decorations! I especially love the picture that is just a little bit blury.

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