Matinee Day!

Yesterday’s photo is one that I took over the summer.  I used Photoshop to add the canvas texture.  I thought it turned out pretty cool.  Yesterday was wordless in part because I’m tired of reading my own whining, and if I had tried to type anything yesterday it was going to be whiny.  It was never my intent that this blog be whiny or negative, and so I’m refocusing my efforts on talking about the positive and the creative things in my life.

First positive thing:  Joe has strep throat, BUT he is on medicine and feeling much better today.  We could actually tell when his fever broke last night because all of a sudden he popped up and was himself again.  Phew.   Sick Joe might be quiet, but I’d rather have Sparkly Healthy Joe.  He does have to stay home one more day, though, and thankfully my mother-in-law can come in and hang out with him this afternoon, because today is:

MATINEE DAY!   Our first public performance of Grease is this afternoon at 1 PM for the elementary students (grades 3-6).  I’ll be back later with a report!




(Thanks to my handy photographer, Joe….)


  1. Lynn Douglass says:

    Oh man! I feel so sorry for Joe! I’ve had strep throat, and it’s not fun. Tell him that Zack has also had it many times, so we both feel for him. Give him a hug and tell him that I hope he’s much better today!

  2. Mary says:

    Glad the performance went well. I also try to keep my blog fairly positive. I was so pissed last night it was all I could do NOT to rant online. This morning I was glad I held it all in.

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