Long day

Went to a Univ. of Iowa football game.  Free tickets.  The game seemed to take forever. I dislike TV timeouts.
We are Iowa State University graduates (and fans) and  were cheering for the Hawkeyes’ opponents (Western Michigan).  But only on the inside.  We were surrounded by rabid Iowa fans, and didn’t figure it would be wise to cheer out loud.  I think some of them might have suspected, though, as we didn’t get too excited when good things happened to the Hawkeyes.

We had to wait until we reached our car to get excited about the fact that Western Michigan actually WON the game.  28-19.  They WON! And pretty much ruined the Hawkeye’s chances to go to a Bowl game.

I have never considered myself a fan of football, but I’m living with 3 football freaks, so I’m learning about it (and getting interested) whether I want to or not.

After the game we went to the mall and cruised around the big sporting goods store.  Joe spotted a Miami Dolphins stocking cap — his favorite team — and we decided to let him get it.  So, of course, Will had to go looking for his favorite team.  I’d point to a cap with a logo and say “Who’s that” and they knew everyone.  And then — in the car on the way home — the boys decided to try naming all 32 NFL teams.   They needed a little bit of prompting and help but they got them all, relatively quickly.  (Ironically I was able to supply the missing 32nd team).  How do they know this stuff?  Is it hard-wired in to their male DNA?

Last night we went to a mall that is closer and on the way there they were all talking about football (and also about the outrageous salaries that athletes make).  At one point I said, hey — when do we get to talk about quilting?  Or scrapbooking?

Blank looks.

My husband grinned said “Are there any quilters that make $27 million a year?”

That one earned him a dirty look from his wife.

As I said, though, it’s been a long day and I must make my way to bed.

More quilt pictures tomorrow, hopefully!


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  1. Angela says:

    Hehehehe — the sports talk all the time could get to be a bit much. Nope, no quilters who make that kind of outrageous money, but just think of the stash you could buy with it…ah well, we can all dream.

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