Fabulous Friday!

Fabulous because our performance of Grease was AWESOME!!! Woohoo!!!!  Couple of minor glitches here and there, but on the whole, it was a great night.  The crowd was great, the kids did great.  Phew.  What a relief!

One more to go, and then I can get back to whatever passes for a normal life. Speaking of which (life happening, I mean…):  the other boy has strep throat.  They were off of school today, and I sent them out for awhile after the ate dinner.  (I live in the Midwest, the noon meal here is DINNER.  Supper is the evening meal, and lunch is what my mother-in-law takes out to the field when the guys don’t want to stop to go home to eat a sit-down meal).

Anyway, I was trying to get them to do some picking up and Will was face-down on the couch.  He moaned “I don’t feel so good.”

Sore throat?  Check

Stomache ache?  Check

Headache?  Check

Fever? Check

Thankfully they were able to see him at the clinic and get him going on some amoxycillin, so hopefully he won’t feel yucky for too long.

So, that part of Friday wasn’t so fabulous but there were more fabulous things about my day:


New socks!  Mom brought them over after she got home for work.  I had them on for a few minutes before I had to get ready to go to the show, and I put them on as soon as I got home.  Thanks, Mom!  They are awesome!


A new quilt project!  I know, I know:  I have plenty of other things to do, but darn it, I decided I was worth it today.  And it was so nice to turn on my sewing machine and play with fabric.  The pattern is a stack and slash star — the star blocks are 24 inches, and didn’t take hardly any time at all.  The checkerboard is going to take the longest time!  The red and green fabrics have tiny white stars on them.  Oh wait, you can see the red fabric in this close-up that I took of the border fabric


Isn’t it sweet?  The red, green, and border fabrics are from Alexander Henry.  I think the line is called “Baby Star.”  It’s very retro, and the first time I saw it I wasn’t sure at first if I liked  it or not, but it has grown on me.  Even thought it is red and green, it’s a very different red and green than what I normally work with.  The green is not showing up in the photos quite the way it does in real life.  I’ll try for a better picture (more accurate color) tomorrow.

The fabric reminds me of a very special Christmas ornament. I might have to go dig through the ornaments so I can show you what I mean.

Okey dokey, I was pretty wound up when I got home, but now I’m starting to fade.




  1. Jami says:

    I love the little angels and reindeer with the stars. Cute print. Glad the show went well. 1 more day and it will be over. Sorry about the sick little one. Hopefully he will be back to his old self asap!

  2. Mary Ann (mom) says:

    I went to see Grease Friday night, was going to go with Suzanne’s men Saturday night, but Suzanne’s wise husband speculated on what we’d do if one of the twins was still sick this evening. So I’ll be on sick boy alert for this evening.
    The pianist was terrific in the performance of Grease, of course! What a woman.

    Interesting pooling of the dyes in those socks, isn’t it! They were dyed by someone here in Iowa, Adel, IA, I believe it was.
    I love the Christmas reindeer star print. Too cute.

  3. joyce says:

    We have dinner and supper here too. It can cause confusion when we invite someone for dinner and they show up at night. Lol.
    Very cute quilt. I think I’d have been looking for red and white checked fabric.

  4. janthompson says:

    Isn’t it great when everything turns out so well – hope tomorrow night is just as successful! Very cute quilt – I also love that little retro print (surprised myself!!) Hope little ones are feeling better soon.

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