And the answer is….

Replace.  No option to repair.

Woohoo!  A new water heater for Christmas, just what I always wanted.

Well, for Thanksgiving anyway, as it will be here and installed tomorrow….

Back to quilting!


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  1. paula, the quilter says:

    It could have been worse. I woke up one Thanksgiving morning to water all over my kitchen floor. My refrigerator had given up and defrosted itself on my floor. So here I am, in the corner, after mopping up the water, stuffing a turkey while the guys remove everything from the dead fridge and put it in coolers, remove the fridge itself and install the ‘garage fridge’. At least I had backup! Good luck!

  2. Jami says:

    I think it is a “plumber law”…no drain remotely close to the water heater. Ours died about a year ago, did the same thing. Water everywhere. Ruined the carpet, not that is was that great, but up and down the stairs hauling wet carpet was not high on my fun list! And not just 1 layer, there were 3 layers total before I got done.

  3. joyce says:

    Water heaters ALWAYS need to be replaced. You are lucky. THey usually break down during the company or on a long weekend when you’d have to pay double time and a half to the plumber. We are so lucky, our SIL is learning to be a plumber. Great to have on in the family.

  4. Angela says:

    Oh yeah — the law of plumbing — if you need it fixed fast, it can happen, but it’s gonna cost you. At last you won’t have 30 people over and not be able to use the guest bathroom!

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