Almost Wordless Wednesday

A few words involved simply to explain what everything is.

Awesome gift from Secret Quilter: Thanks!


Loot from trip to the Christmas Open House on the weekend. Oddly enough, they all involve words.



The part I like the best about the sign is the Poinsettia.   What do you suppose the used to make the petals and leaves?  I wondered if it is pieces of tin ceiling panels cut up and painted.


I also got a postcard, and was going to scan it to show it off, but my scanner is not cooperating. Tomorrow.  Promise.


p.s.  Today I focused on getting my Halloween decos put away (instead of just piling them on the kitchen island) and on finishing a quilt that’s been on the frame for a week.  The first is a success, and the second is still in progress.   I ended up focusing on some scrapbook pages and notes for an album idea that I want to pursue, but I’ll but that aside for now and get back to what I was supposed to be focusing on….

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  1. gaylemckay says:

    Hey Suzanne, your secret quilter will be relieved that I finally mailed that box off for her. She has been bugging me! (in a nice way)

    I especially love those words… dream, wonder, glee, marvel….. what are they made of? I have never seen anything like that before. Way cool.


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