A ribbon!

During the first part of the year I participated in a round robin project, but this was a little different. Each member of the group pieced an entire quilt top, sandwiched it, and basted it (and did a little bit of basic stitching) to hold it all together. We then sent our quilts out to make the rounds of our group members, who each quilted a section of the quilt.

I did get mine back and quilted the final border, but I keep forgetting to take a picture and post. I’m not here to talk about my quilt, though — this is all about my friend Sara and her quilt.

I got an e-mail from her this morning — her quilt won a ribbon at the Quilter’s Gathering in NH this past weekend — and not just any ribbon!  It won 3rd place in the Best Machine Quilting category!!!!

How cool is that???


(I’m posting this picture with Sara’s permission).  Click to look at it full size.  After she got it back she had some additional quilting to do, plus she added a TON of crystals.

I did the outer border.  I’m sure I must have taken pictures, but I cannot, for the life of me, find them.  Sara did send me a detail shot of my border before the crystals were added, so I’ll just use hers instead of mine.


If I recall correctly, I did the square feathers first in the one color (blue?), then I went back and added in the gold ribbon-y stuff.   Someone else earlier in the quilt had used 2 threads like this, so I was trying to use something similar for consistency.    The quilting in the setting triangle was done by Sara after my border, so she tried to use some of the same shapes I had used.

It’s a great quilt — it was a little scary to pull it out of the box and contemplate all of that red fabric, but it turned out to be quite fun to work on, and I’m so excited that Sara has another ribbon to add to her wall!

In other news, everyone finally went back to school today, so the house was nice and quiet.  I got a few things done here and there, and then headed off to the gym tonight to help out with youth basketball.   (Mark’s the coach:  3rd and 4th graders learning fundamentals).  I got to help with passing drills.  I was OK until we had a group with an uneven number of kids and I had to pair up with one of them.  My own kid, in fact.  Turns out that the proper hand/wrist position for passing is the exact position that would make my poor left wrist sore.  You know, the wrist that got abused over the last month and half whilst banging on the piano playing for that musical…what was that show called again?  (LOL — It’ll be at least another week before the soundtrack quits running in my head…)

I had to get my brother-in-law to come take over for me.  No sympathy from my husband, though.   Hey, at least I was trying!

Plus!  The dog and I took a walk today!  She didn’t quite know what to make of it, and I probably should have changed my shoes, but I sort of decided that I was in the mood to do it, so I’d better just get off my seat and go — if I’d stopped to changed shoes, I might have given up before I even got out the door…..




  1. cat stone says:

    Love the quilt, Suzanne. According to Freddy Moran, red is a neutral! I’ll look forward to seeing pics of your quilt. Hope your wrist is feeling better now.

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