A day of sewing

Whew, I got a lot done today! And shoot, I forgot to take pictures of the first thing I did this morning.  I’ll take those and share tomorrow.

First — make a pillowcase and finish the binding on a baby quilt.  Done.

Second — finish attaching binding to front of embroidered quilt. (Done, plus some of the handwork done while doing the fifth item listed below)

Third — quilt THREE customer quilts.  Done, done, and done.   (In case you think I’m super-woman, all of these quilts were lap-size-ish, so it’s not like they were BIG or anything).

One was just a meander, the 2nd was an allover swirl and the 3rd, well, I’ll tell you about that in a minute.

No pics of the first, here’s the 2nd:


I got the back for the third quilt pinned on to the frame this morning, cut the batting, determined my thread color (it’s a green), and thought about quilt design.  I considered doing a ribbon meander, but then decided that this particular quilt would be perfect for testing a quilt design that I’ll be using on another quilt in the near future.  After all of this prep work was done, it was time for dinner (that would be lunch for those of you that don’t speak Midwestern US dialect).

After eating a nice yummy plate full of leftover turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, etc…I went back in to get to work on the quilting.

I’m blaming what happened next on the turkey.

I got through an entire pass of the quilt before I realized that I was doing the ribbon meander that I had considered and discarded.


Doggone it.  Ah well, it turned out beautifully, and I’ll just have to test that other design on something else.

Interestingly, the photograph of the 3rd quilt makes it look very Christmas-y — the quilt actually has a very pretty red floral border and the full quilt does not “feel” Christmasy-y at all.

Fourth — make back for my Star Baby Checkered star quilt (done! I think I might stick this one on the frame next…)

Fifth — play Disney Scene It (Joe and I were a team, we won once and lost once, sometimes it’s all about getting lucky with the questions you get asked…)

Sixth — eat more leftovers (ham tonight, wasn’t going to chance messing up tonight’s quilt with turkey leftovers)

Seventh — type up this silly list.

And now — to bed!  I’m tired!  I’m not usually quite that productive all in one day….




  1. Angela says:

    A) What kind of vitamins are you taking and where can I get some (I need a productive day like the one you had) and B) I have the feeling the quilt was demanding that ribbon meander. It sure looks wonderful from here! Now get some sleep!

  2. Angie says:

    I really LOVE both of those quilts!!! What a beautiful job of quilting you did! Those ribbons are really lovely! You must be having Wheaties for breakfast every day ROFL and I’m on my way to the store to get ME some! LOL Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Jan Thompson says:

    To quote from When Harry Met Sally – “I want what she’s having” – don’t know how you do it, Suzanne. Love the ribbon meander!

  4. Mary says:

    That’s quite a list – I love the ribbon quilting too. I prefer quilting that’s not too dense and this is just perfect.

  5. Deb Levy says:

    Good grief! I’m tired just reading your list of accomplishments for today. I’m still working on the same quilt I started last week!

    They look great though…I’m jealous that you’re done and I’m still doing the SID 2 step!

  6. wildonionstudio says:

    Holy mackerel! You were a very busy bee today– I do like the ribbon treatment, even tho it wasn’t what you were planning!

    Do I have to remain wordless about your WW photo? It was so beautiful and peaceful…off to snuggle into my flannel jammies, with visions of snowflakes dancing in my head…

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