More scrapbook pages

Sharon commented on yesterday’s post that she didn’t care for the writing on Will’s page. Well, I didn’t care for it either, and have been working on tweaking it. Of course, having twins means I had to do a layout of the other boy, too, and in the process, I think I fixed the lettering, and made it better. Maybe.



Click to view larger. I’m using thumbnails and linking to a bigger picture for these because I wanted to strike the right balance between the fitting the photos on the page and giving you a big enough photo to see detail.

Almost suppertime….



Edited to add: I just looked at the enlarged pictures and I want to mention that when I look at the layouts, on my computer, and when I print them out,  the script writing is smooth and not all jagged like it appears in my browser.  Just saying.


  1. Lynn Douglass says:

    Oh wow! These pages are so danged cool! I’m way behind on my reading, so could you take pity and tell me what program you’re using? Like I need another thing to play with!

  2. Sharon Dixon says:

    Yes, I like this writing much better. I think the white writing was throwing me off. The boys are just precious, by the way. The big photo of Will looks just like you!

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