Workin’ on a UFO


After spending part of the day working on an altered book (I’m so far behind in my round robin project, oy….), I decided to spend this evening resurrecting an old UFO.  I don’t even really remember when I started this.  Or why.  Well, I know why:  it was for a baby, but I got this far and decided that it was too much work for a baby girl that wasn’t related to me, so I shoved it all in a bag and it’s been sitting, just waiting for the perfect opportunity….

I have enough of the fairy fabric to have 35 squares, plus the starry sashing will make it about 35 by 47.  I usually like to make baby quilts big enough to be toddler quilts, too, but this one might stay on the smallish size, and when it’s outgrown it can be a biggish doll quilt.  Oooo — doll quilts!  They are all the rage right now, aren’t they?

Tomorrow is packed full of football fun — I have to take a turn in the concession stand for 2 hours before the boys’ game — it’s the last game of the season!



p.s.  Have I mentioned that my SISTER is expecting??  NOT ME.  Don’t even think about it.  Twin boys is more than enough for me….


  1. Jan says:

    That is a very sweet quilt!! I love it!! But I think I have suffered from the what was I thinking UFO occassionally too. 🙂 So, does sis like it and is she having a girl?? Might just be perfect!!

  2. Deb Levy says:

    I don’t usually gravitate to the pink girly girl stuff…but that is cute! By chance is your sis having a girl?? If not, a good donation quilt?? Or large doll quilt??

    I’m a llittle goofy tonight cause I got a whole envelope of constuction paper thank you’s from the local Head today start for all the quilts we took them in September….they are so cute!

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