WIP Wednesday, finally


It’s a quilt!  Waiting for binding!

(And after this picture, it got it’s binding….now to hand-finish)

And to make pillowcases!

And to help the recipient’s Mom cover a lampshade with the star fabric!

I’ll post close-ups of the quilting tomorrow — it was too late and dark to get good photos.  You can kind of see what I ended up doing for borders.

I’ve been thinking it’s past due time for a gratuitous puppy picture, so I had a photo-shoot with my assistant this morning.  She spent most of the time with one of those “Will you get that out of my face?” looks.





  1. Terri says:

    Ooooo! I like that quilt, Suzanne! The colors, the design! It is just FUN!

    Puppy is adorable. My “puppy” is getting grey in the muzzle and doesn’t come down to the studio with me anymore………….


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