WIP Wednesday — Auditioning Borders

My sister and her family headed home yesterday but got stuck in Chicago due to weather delays at their destination.  They ended up spending about 5 hours on the plane for a flight that only takes about 1.5 hours.  With a not-quite-2 year old.  Ugh.  I know how antsy and crabby *I* would have been, I can’t even imagine doing it with a toddler.  Poor kid.

I’ve got the body of my niece’s quilt put together, now I’m working on the borders.

I don’t have enough of any one orange to do an orange border, so I’d do the orange with alternating prints if I put the orange in.  I think I like the look of Option C the best, but:  In order to have the math work out right, it really needs to either be no inner border or the wider border which is why A and B have the lime green plaid stuck in.  Or I need to think of something else entirely.  I thought about using the stars in a narrow border, but I’m not sure I like the idea either.

I ended up going to a quilt shop to get some more blues in order to do the scrappy pieced blue border.


Any opinions, or ideas for something else I haven’t thought about yet?

We had our first run through of Grease last night — start to finish.  Sort of.  It was choppy as some of the kids were finding out about blocking and things for the first time.   We have about 4 weeks until dress rehearsals.  One of the directors said she wasn’t nervous yet.  Really?  Not yet?  Cause I sure am….

Have a  great Wednesday!



  1. Ila says:

    I like B!

    Any plane flight with a not quite two year old is a recipe for disaster. Been there, done that, with twins on a trans-Atlantic flight. But the bright side is that it might not be able to get worse than that! LOL!

  2. Sharon Dixon says:

    I like B, too. I definitely think the green needs to be in the border, but for some reason the green inside the orange on Option A makes my eye go directly to the darker orange border. Or as Yvonne said, just a green inner border would look nice.

  3. Beth says:

    I love love love this quilt Suzanne! And I vote for A&B equally 🙂

    I can’t wait to see it finished 🙂 And are you going to quilt it in orange?

  4. Deb Levy says:

    I’d really be crabby after that trip! lol

    As for your quilt…I like C best. The green and orange borders together are distracting to my eye. The single orange between the quilt body and the scappy blue ties that’ pop’ from the quilt center outwards. Maybe scatter a pieced star or two in that outer blue border?? Just an opinion.But it’ll look great no matter which you do.

  5. Miki Miller says:

    Ok, so at what point does it become “false imprisonment” when they keep you on a plane that long?!?

    I really like A or B. Having the colors in the inner border do a good job of framing the quilt and containing the busy piecing.

  6. Ami says:

    I like C and would got get a few fat quarters or something to make that pieced border. You could also put a few orange blocks into to your pieced blue border in option D. In any case it is a very nice quilt and your niece is gonna love it.

    Been there done that on the ariplane ride. Traveling with toddlers is a real experience! I once had a scremaing toddler trying to get out of her carseat on the interstate between Bosie and Salt Lake…………………I was trying to get to Salt Lake on a deadline……………………can you say stress.

  7. Nancy Hughson says:

    A week later……I finally read & say I like D best but like Terri’s idea of a lime frame first.

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