Update on pumpkin carving

Well, my husband claims that he has no recollection of carving pumpkins last year either, so apparently there was no sinister motive on his part.

So he claims.

The pumpkin seeds:  meh.  I’m not sure it was worth the effort.

The bread:  as I suspected, the ingredients were old and it didn’t rise very well.  Luckily my husband is like Mikey, and will eat it no matter how dense it is.

Last night was our first rehearsal of Grease with our pit orchestra.  That sounds impressive doesn’t it?  Our pit consists of me on piano, the high school band director on bass guitar, and a high school kid on the drum set.  The addition of the two of them actually does add a LOT to the experience, so it was actually pretty exciting.

I have to say, though, that I can tell I’m getting more and more nervous about the experience:  I had two (two!) separate BAD dreams last night, both of which revolved around me misplacing my music and being late for rehearsals.  There was a lot of wandering around involved in both dreams — I don’t remember all of the specifics, but I just hate (a) experiencing the bad dream — it feels SO REAL and (b) the lingering feeling of ICK that results after a bad dream like that.  Added to the bad dreams was the fact that I kept waking up with a super dry mouth — which heralded the beginning of a cold.

I sure hope it stays just a cold — we’ve had some yucky gunk going around town (strep! bronchitis!) and I really do NOT need to come down with something that wipes me out….

I may actually attempt to do something relating to either art or quilting today, so perhaps there will be fiber content in my blog again soon.

That’s all I’ve got for now, though, so…have a great day and I’ll babble at you later!


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