The last game

The boys had their last football game over the weekend. Things started out great — they scored a touchdown on the very first play of the game.  It was all downhill after that — they ended up losing 28-6.  They  just couldn’t move the ball at all.  It had been raining earlier in the day, and so it was cold and wet, and they were tired.  The whole team sort of looked like it had given up.

Not Joe, though.  I could tell by his body language that when he was on the field he was serious and he was ready to play.  I had my camera with me at the game and I set it to the “sports” setting, so that I could just start snapping pictures and hopefully come up with something good — here’s one where I actually caught him from the front:


And this isn’t to imply that Will wasn’t out there with intent, too — it just wasn’t as obvious with him as it was with Joe.  Amazingly, I actually managed to catch a shot of him in motion from the front as well:


I could never figure out why the boys were all given white pants.  A few teams had black, but most everybody had white.  Most practices and games didn’t leave mud — but plenty of grass stains and streaks of dirt.  Since it was our last game, we didn’t have to bring those muddy things home with us!  We got to dump them in a bin and the league will clean them.  Yuck.

I’m pretty sure the boys are looking forward to playing again next year.

I guess I survived the experience.  I still don’t really know what’s happening out on the field, but I’m learning.  The other night my husband had the New Orleans/Seattle game on the TV in our room.  I was trying to read, but I kept finding myself watching, and asking “What just happened?”  “Why did they do that?”

Next up:  basketball!   Oh boy!



  1. wildonionstudio says:

    Yikes! They look scary and professional in their pads and helmets. Grrrrr…Touchdown!!
    We have another month of football, and then we get a 2 month breather before basketball (with only one kid playing bball, I’ll get a bit of a breather…) before TRACK! Nothing like sitting on a hard metal backless bench for 8 hours watching grass grow, er, I mean, kids run around a loop!

  2. Deb Levy says:

    Those boys look very serious about their game!

    I don’t miss those days, to tell you the truth…always worrying about injuries and such…course it’s all he’s a cop…

  3. Janet says:

    Oh what wonderful memories you gave me today! I lived to watch my son play football. I hope you enjoy every moment. I’m sure you are much wiser than me…but just in case….here’s a little lesson I learned. I kept smelling an odd smell in my entryway. No amount of soap or bleach would take it away. Finally I got up the nerve to have a friend come over and help me solve the mystery. She immediately dropped to her knees and sniffed my wood floor. “Does your son ever drop his shoulder pads here” I started to say no as I have this thing about things being left in the entry…but then realized he would set them down while he removed his shoes, just long enough to transfer nice teen age sweat onto my wood floors. It took about a week of spraying fabreeze (spel?) twice a day before it left.

    By the time he graduated he had three shoulder surgeries leaving 3 tacks, 4 pins, 15′ of permanent sutures, a cotton shoe lace (true, it was used to tie his color bone down) and a 30 year olds cadaver ligaments (wrapped around the shoe lace) holding him together. He tried to convince us he now had a “legal aged arm” so he should be able to drink! Nice try kid lol.

  4. Lynn Douglass says:

    Dang me, Suzanne! I take a few days off of looking at blogs, and you post all kinds of good stuff! Love the pictures of the boys. It’s rare that you can get such a good picture while they are in motion.

    I know the feeling of being rusty on the longarm. Sometimes I wonder if I ever really knew what I was doing at all. Glad that you’re climbing back into the saddle and getting things finished. I think having Mark work on bindings is a lovely idea! Whatsa mattah that guy? 😉

  5. Angela says:

    What great photos — and the boys look so serious! What fun! I think your husband working on bindings is a great idea, I wonder if I could get mine to do the same?

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