Some small funnies

Just got back from the wedding rehearsal and had to share a few small funnies.

The first is not from tonight, but I thought of it tonight and thought I should share.  One of spelling words the boys had this week was CARROT.  The other day Mark was quizzing Will and asked him to spell the word.

Will promptly spelled “B-L-E-C-H”


The wedding is going to be beautiful, but it will be extremely interesting to see what happens with the 2 smallest members of the wedding party:  the bride and groom have a son who is almost 8 months old, and the bride’s sister has a son who is just a few weeks younger.  These young men are the ring bearers.  The plan is that they will be transported into the sanctuary in a wagon by the 2nd boy’s Daddy.  It was suggested to Jared that he could carry both boys if need be.  He was looking like he didn’t think this was possible — and I reminded him that my husband had often carried both of our boys at the same time (remember, mine are twins….)

Jared’s  response:  “Oh good, Mark’s had lots of experience.  I’ll let him do it.”


I was thinking I had another funny to share, but I’ll be darned if I can remember what it was now.  I’ll be sure to post after the wedding festivities are over, particularly with a report on the young ringbearers.  Even if they end up being crabby they’ll be awfully darned cute.  My mom gets to be in charge of the bride and groom’s baby during the wedding and reception and will actually be bringing him home with her for the night.  That should be interesting!

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Mary Ann (mom) says:

    I know what the other funny is that Suzanne wanted to share. She can add details, after all it is her blog. We spent a good bit of our ride home from the rehearsal dinner behind a car that had a Cabbage Patch doll head as a creepy ornament on the thing under the back bumper that you can hitch something to tow on. I kid you not, it was a doll head! The hair probably was blond when the doll was “born”, it’s now a very dirty blond. Really eerie, the kind of thing you can’t take your eyes off. Wish we had a good picture to prove it, but didn’t think of using the camera phone until we were almost home.

  2. Mary Ann (mom) says:

    Oh, here’s another pre-wedding story. I was going to put it on my own blog which I haven’t officially launched since I’m waiting for someone (!) to help me with attaching photos. But I’ll tell it here.
    Suzanne’s younger sister got married 5 YEARS ago. I bought a very pretty periwinkle blue ensemble — sleeveless sheath with a jacket that has 3/4 sleeves and small violets embroidered on the front of the jacket. Quite becoming, if I do say so myself. I got a spot on the jacket, came home from the wedding, hung it up and intended to take it to the dry cleaner. Didn’t get that done. Looked at it a time or two over the next 5 YEARS and thought I really need to take it to the dry cleaners. This wedding comes up and I think I really want to wear that dress. So, last weekend, I look at the label and guess what!!! It’s washable. I sprayed the spot and let the spray sit for about 2 hours, washed it and dryed it on low heat and guess what!!! I’m wearing my pretty periwinkle dress for the 2nd time in 5 YEARS tomorrow. Not a very flattering story on myself, but that’s the way I am.
    I don’t know for sure what shoes I’m wearing, because my ankle is still swollen from my fracture almost 3 weeks ago. Suzanne thinks I should go with the boot on the swollen foot and a regular nice shoe on the other. I haven’t been wearing the boot for a few days, doctor says I don’t have to if I can fit into a regular shoe. But she thinks that would look better than wearing a pair of shoes that fit (like sneakers), but don’t go with a nice dress. What a dilemma.

  3. Vicki W says:

    Great stories! Tell your Mom not to worry about the shoes. I was a bridesmaid once in a tea length (hideous) dress and ace bandages on BOTH of my ankles. It was really pretty! LOL! No one said a word about it. Today the bride is remarried……

  4. Lynn Douglass says:

    Love the stories! The doll head trailer hitch ornament is way creepy, though! EEEWWWEEE. I’m glad you liked the goodies, Suzanne. I’ll play cards with you anytime!

  5. wildonionstudio says:

    Ketchup, indeed! I have to catch up with Suzanne quickly:
    1. Make your mommy some cute shoes for her dress!! She sounds great, and so deserves some groovy shoes. Barring that, she is welcome to borrow any of mine (remember the shoe museum I posted on my blog? It’s a borrowing museum!) PS to Mary Ann: Suzanne is one of my favorite personal computer geeks–you are so lucky to have her around for those pressing computer questions (and she doesn’t laugh at you, either, which makes her invaluable when you can’t remember where the “on” button is…)
    2. My boys like carrots….but one likes them cooked and thinks raw is disgusting, and one like them raw and thinks cooked is grosser than gross. I’m supposed to remember which likes what… but I’m a bad Mom, and so they get broccoli.
    3. Love all the ATC’s– interesting that “new beginnings” meant leaves/leaf shapes to most people. Leaves are my favorite totem, so I’m envious!
    4. Where’s my chicken
    5. I’ll be happy to download SpiderPig if you’re overloaded with Grease as an earworm!
    6. Love love love the stars and circles quilt! Very adorable, very Suzanne.

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