My husband claims that I carved pumpkins with the boys last year.  I have no recollection of this occuring, nor do I have photographic evidence.  He’s the one that remembers things, and I’m not, so I believed him and agreed to carve with the boys again this year.

That rat fink lied to me.  *HE* was the one that carved pumpkins with the boys last year.  Wanna know how I know?  Because those super-honest young men TOLD ME SO.

The way I figure it, he had such a horrible time doing it, and didn’t want to have to do it again, that he tried to make me think that *I* did it, so that he could convince me that *I* needed to do it again.  Since I knew what I was doing and all that.

Dirty, rotten scoundrel.


I HATE carving pumpkins.  But!  I made the boys happy, and that’s what matters, right?  Never mind that I pretty much had to do all of the nasty work myself, and you KNOW I wasn’t letting the two of them anywhere near the sharp knives.

So know I have a gob of pumpkin seeds that I am roasting (some are salted, some cinnamon sugared…) and we’ll just see how that goes.  Getting them clean was…not fun….LOL….I even saved a few to dry so that we can try planting them next year.

I did have assistance from some advice from this site:


Susan sent me this link a week or so agao when I mentioned needing to find pumpkin seed roasting instructions.   The main pointer that helped me was to pull the seeds out while the innards were all still attached, rather than trying to separate them all afterwards.  The site claims this is “faster, easier, and cleaner” — I’ll buy the faster, easier part, but cleaner?  Ha!

I can see from my photographs, that there is still some stringy innards that need to be cleaned up, but I had reached my limit.  The young man that is doing our siding is here today and I said something about how he could have come over and helped — he said that he actually likes doing it.  No different than cleaning the insides out of deer and other creatures, he said.

Eeeeuw.  That’s just gross.

Along with pumpkin carving and seed roasting, I did another good mommy thing today — I baked cookies!  Sugar cookie cutouts and Butterscotch Chocoloate Chip cookies.  Yum.  Nobody wanted to help me make the sugar cookies, but when I was done they came over and complained that I hadn’t used this or that cookie cutter that they thought I ought to use.

Well, if you had HELPED you could have chosen, now, couldn’t you????

Oh!  And I have a loaf of bread in the bread machine!  I’m a little dubious about how it’ll turn out, as my ingredients were a little on the old side.  I figure that if it turns out, great, if not, I was going to have to throw away the ingredients anyway….

After all of that effort, I need a nap!




  1. carlafibers says:

    You did a great job, Suzanne! I’m surprised you don’t get into it! LOL Love both pumpkins!

    Last year I had to carve a political pumpkin used in a CA state Proposition race, this year I had off from my duties since it is an off election year! I don’t mind.

  2. wildonionstudio says:

    Well, she would’ve gotten more into it had the boys let her carve feathers into the darn pumpkins!

    Hope you’re feeling better. DH used to feel flu-ish before each and every shoot– he’d never get sick tho. Hopefully, that’s what it is with you– stage flu!

    Hugs–at a germ-free distance, of course!

  3. Alycia says:

    You go Supermom!!! I am impressed – I hate carving pumpkins too so this year I cheated and bought markers and construction paper for them to decorate them! And if they are not happy with the cookie cutouts – send them my way – we will demolish them for you!!

  4. Kate says:

    Nice pumpkins. I actually enjoy carving them, icky bits and all 🙂 and we’ve gone very sophisticated in our designs in recent years – my ten year old DD did a nice job with a ghost… (photo on katelnorth.blogspot.com) We didn’t make enough roasted pumpking seeds though – last year no one wanted to eat them, this year, they went in about 1/2 hour!

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