Handsome men

Busy, busy weekend. Rehearsals, wedding, football game, house guests, phew. Too much fun.

This young man was the busiest of them all: my almost 2 year old nephew Colin:


This little guy is my cousin’s son. She was the bride. My Mom had the pleasure of bringing this sweetie home with her Saturday night after the wedding. He’s almost 8 months old. I think she got about 6 hours of sleep.


He was one of the ring bearers — he and his cousin were carried in, held on laps for a few minutes, and then were fairly quickly whisked away to the nursery. They were adorable in matching white shirts, black pants, vests, and ties.

I tried to get some pictures of Colin with his cousin’s this morning before school.  I told Colin to go see if Joe needed help with his shoes.  Here he is, in all sincerity asking if “Joke” (which is how he says Joe’s name) needed help.  Too cute.


Sunday morning we took Colin out to see the farm.   Here he is in his first combine ride (along with his daddy, my boys, my husband, and my father in law off to the side).  Colin thought it was awfully fun.


Colin and his Mommy and Daddy headed to the airport this morning.  We had a nice visit, which was way too short, of course.  Some day we need to have all of our families take a trip to somewhere low key (a cabin?) and just hang out for a few days with no responsibilities, nothing that has to be done:  just having fun doing whatever strikes us.  Some day.

For now, though, I have a quiet house again, and am tempted to take a nap….I’ll do some more catching up later…



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  1. Mary says:

    Don’t’ you love getting together with family? We’re planning a reunion in December with my family and an Alaskan cruise in July with my husband’s brother and his family. I can’t wait!

  2. Deb Levy says:

    Those boys are just too cute! I’m sure you are ready for a rest! But it’s great you had a few fleeting moments with them. As Mary said we are lookng forward to our reunion in December. Personally I think we should all live in the same town, opposite ends! lol, but the same town.

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