WIP Wednesday

AKA  More things to get you in the mood for Christmas

The Snowman Row quilt is hanging on my design wall, waiting for binding and a decision on whether or not I’ll be sewing buttons on the vests.

Meanwhile,  the heat and humidity has decided to sock it to us again, and it’s so bad today that the school is sending the kids home early.  Most of the school is NOT air conditioned, so it gets pretty miserable in there.  I think the heat index has to hit 105 before they’ll decide to dismiss.  Yuck.

And here in my cool house my WIP is yet another unfinished wintry/Christmasy project.  This particular quilt was a block of the month from Joann’s, from way back in 1999/2000.   I started quilting it on my Gammill, somewhere in 2002.  I was unhappy with some things, and took it off the frame.  It has been ignored ever since.

I did decide to do some frogging — the red borders were partially quilted with a feather, and there was no possible way I was going to be able to recreate the feather and have it look the same.  My style (and skill) are vastly different than they were back when I was a newbie.

In an effort to get this DONE, I’ve decided that even though the top and bottom wide borders are quilted with a certain design, the side borders are going to be different.  I would never do that for a customer, but this is mine, and it is just the way it is going to be.


I pretty much just have parts of the various borders to finish, plus about 1 or 2 of the blocks to do.  We should be sleeping under this one by Christmas time for sure!

I wonder what song this one will have me singing this afternoon?




  1. Kate says:

    Whatever song it is – please don’t tell us 🙂 it took me all day to get Frosty out of my head…

    Funny, isn’t it, how we can be reluctant to unstitch or unquilt something, even when it’s the best option – I guess it seems like wasted time or something, but on the other hand, if it’s stopping the piece from getting finished, it should go.

  2. carlafibers says:

    Nice quilt and quilting.. you have been one busy woman!!

    Personally, my favorite Christmas story (after the traditional one, of course) is Santa Cows. LOL

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