Crossing things off a list

A week or so ago Vicki posted a list of the things she was going to do over the weekend.  And then she proceeded to do them, and showed off her crossed off list on her blog.

I e-mailed her and asked if it was legal to make a list of the things I’d been doing and then crossing them off, just for the sheer pleasure of crossing them off.  She gave me permission, but I never actually managed to do it.

Today, though, seems like a good day to do so:

1.  Finish Gage’s Quilt

2. Make a pillowcase to go with Gage’s quilt.

When I was doing a round up of the John Deere fabric I have or have had in the past, I forgot that I had a ton of yardage of a green flannel with tractors on it.  No pictures of the flannel itself, but it’s the same as the green tractor cotton print in the quilt top.  I used the flannel on the back.  I quilted it, bound it (by machine) and washed it the other day:


3.  Quilt Watermelon wallhanging that was buried in the back of one of my closets.

It’s been pieced for more than a year, not sure why it didn’t get quilted yet.  I made a second one for my mother-in-law for Christmas, it did get finished….



4.  Send children to sister-in-law’s for sleepover with their cousin, go out on date with husband.

Well, we called it a date.  Getting groceries is about all we manage for date nights.

5.  Make up a silly list so I can cross things off of it.

Wow.  That was fun.  Will have to do more of it later.  First, I have some more UFOs calling my name.

“Finish me, finish me”

I’ll come back later and let you know which one speaks the loudest.



  1. eileenkny says:

    Love your quilting! Is that from one of the books? I have the 2nd one, will have to get the 1st.
    I make lists just about every day. It gives me a feeling of accomplishment.

  2. Deb Levy says:

    I always admire people who make lists and then actually follow thru with the chores on them.

    Me, the VERY few lists I have made have taunted me to ignore them….so I did! I guess structure is NOT my thing. Which is really funny in a way, as I am very much a home-body and creature of habit in my household routine, but my creative muse prefers bouncing off the walls! Go figure.

  3. TerriW says:

    I make lists everyday. It is the only way I can stay on top of things around here!

    Love the background quilting in the watermelon quilt. May I print a pic for my Ideas binder?

  4. janthompson says:

    Suzanne – it appears that you might be cheating! LOL Are you actually making a list and crossing off, or completing things, then making a list of it to cross it off? We only get to see what you get done – and not what all needs to be on the list!! I’m really proud of all your expended energy of late – forum, blog, completing UFO’s, etc.

    Well – I better go make a list!

  5. Alycia says:

    I love lists just so that I can cross them off – but I admit I do them on sticky notes – so I can just move them to another day if I don’t completely get them done LOL

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