Another baby quilt, done!

Mark brought home an official announcement from a coworker about the baby boy that he and his wife adopted this summer.  He asked me if I was going to make something for the new little guy.

Well, of course!

Wasn’t sure what, or when, but sure!   I love making baby quilts.

I was moving some stuff around in the studio, and there, in one of the piles, was a little boy quilt I had made as a sample for my 2nd book.  Perfect!

Needed to bind it (zipped it on by machine) and I decided to make a matching pillowcase (hey!  I like making these cases!), threw it in the wash, and voila!


Isn’t that Spider Frog fabric cute???

I’ve spent most of the weekend messing around in the studio.  Decided to put yet another one of my UFOs on the frame.  It’s taking me awhile — lots of stops and starts and thread changes.  Hopefully I’ll have it done tomorrow, though!

Just got home from watching the movie Hairspray — I love having a theater in our little town!  Great movie, lots of catchy music.

That’s all I’ve got for now!




  1. Sharon says:

    Too Cute!!! I do these with matching crib sheets and pillows (small travel pillows from Walmart) The pillow is big enough to put behind the babies back to keep them on their sides.

  2. wildonionstudio says:

    yes, I do love the spider-frog fabric. And to pay you back for the Grease song earwig, I will now give you the “Spider Pig” earwig from the Simpson’s movie. Hah! Take that!!

    spider pig
    spider pig
    does whatever a spider pig does
    can he swing
    from a web
    no he can’t
    he’s a pig…

  3. Angela says:

    Ok, that spider frog fabric is just wayyyyy too cute! Congrats on all of the UFO’s you are getting finished and out of the way! Wooooo Hoooooo!

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