Third Grade

The best looking Third Graders:





Aren’t they cute?

The house was so nice and quiet today.

And talk about cute:


Can’t you just hear her?

“Quit taking my picture and give me the cookie, already!”


  1. carlariggs says:

    Yes! Those boys are cutecutecute.
    And they have rather mischievous smiles, too. : ) We went through some bouts of lying with our kids, also. I think it’s a ‘stage’ type thing for this age ~ but it used to drive me nuts.
    But it will pass. : )

  2. Mom (Mary Ann) says:

    Very cute indeed. And we know that these scholars will never be counted among the non-reading public.

  3. Vicki W says:

    I’m surprised you weren’t taking the photos of the BACKS of them getting off the bus – folowed by a photo of your feet propped on the sofa in fuzzy slippers! LOL!

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