The cleanest garage floor in town

Maybe even the cleanest garage floor in the world.

School starts on Wednesday, and it can’t come fast enough.  The boys are so bored and have started getting into trouble.  They’ve always had their moments, but this weekend has been pretty impressive.

So impressive in fact, that they got to spend yesterday afternoon scrubbing the garage floor with toothbrushes:


And yes, we know they are bored and they are only 8 years old, but neither of those facts excuse the sorts of nonsense they have been up to.  The main problem is that their shenganigans have been topped by LYING.  Lying about what you’ve done (or not done, in one particular case) is, at least in my opinion,  far worse than the actual naughty act.  We do pick our battles and LYING is one of the battles on which we will not give an inch.  And so, crabgrass pulling, Lego picking-up, and garage floor cleaning have all been good activities to keep them occupied, and hopefully out of more trouble.

While they’ve been outside being their Dad’s slaves, I’ve been hiding in my studio continuing to sort and organize and…!  As a reward for all of my hard work (HA!) I’ve “allowed” myself to take some breaks actually do some sewing on the various projects I’m uncovering and finding pieces for.  Making backs, making bindings, sewing on borders…

I’ll be posting a round-up of what’s been going on later, or more likely tomorrow.  This afternoon I’ll be going to a shower for the cousin that is getting married in October, and tonight we’ll be at the local theater — we get to do our volunteer duties in the concession stand, and then watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.  Mostly, I wanted to check in and let y’all know I’m still alive.  I’d better get back to work.  I’ve made a ton of progress, but there is plenty of progress yet to go…




  1. bearcreekquilter says:

    LOL Suzanne, you slave driver you! I too am right there with you though on the lying thing. I can’t seem to get it through my 16 y/o DS that I am more mad after I find out that he lied than I ever was with the original situation. DAH!

  2. Vicki W says:

    Well they won’t make that mistake again! LOL! Good for you. we jsut spent some time with our Goddaughter. She was never disciplined and never had any exptectations set for her. She’s dropped out of college after her first year. She has some really hard lessons to learn in the next few years. Good parents have them learn them while young! it reminds me of a woman I work with. I think she is one of the top-10 best parents ever. Her 10 YO daughter recently lied to her about something while they were driving in the car. Samantha pulled the car over to disciplie her. A police car stopped and tried to ticket her for something. Once the people in charge back at the station heard that she was 1) not abusing her child and 2) disciplining the child they dropped the ticket! Her two oldest young adult children are such a pleasure to be around!

  3. Terri Watson says:

    Ah yes, the 8 year old lying phase. My niece has been going through that. What makes my sister so nuts is it is always about something stupid or easily found out!

    It is a tough time and I am glad we got past it here, but there were days I didn’t think one of us was going to survive!

    Hope this posts!

  4. Terri Watson says:

    Hey! It worked! Right away, too. I will say that other sites I have commented on do not look like your comment section. It just has threadtales. logged in. Maybe that is the difference?


  5. Mary says:

    My boys also had plenty of chores and missed events when they acted up or lied. Didn’t hurt them in the least. They’re both nice young men and the disipline was good for them!

  6. jenclair says:

    Had to laugh at the idea of your finding projects as you “sort and organize.” Hard to tell what might turn up under piles of fabric! I have small WIP projects on my design board that have been invisible for a while, too. When I finish cleaning up, I should have plenty to do without starting anything new.

  7. Jami says:

    When my kids were little, they learned fast that Mom and Dad didn’t tolerate lying. We would ask them if they would steal from a store. The answer was always “NO”. Then we would explain to them that lying made them theives…theives of the truth. I still don’t think the kids tell lyes to this day. They didn’t like the being “theives” part. (thank goodness!!)

  8. Janet says:

    Too funny….sorry….but that picture just cracked me up. My kids are grown now but that picture brought back some great memories. Not great at the time, but we can all laugh about them now. That picture is just priceless. Good for you, I’m beginning to wonder if some of the young parents know what discipline is around here. Heaven forbid you crush a child’s spirit by letting them suffer a consequence. Your kids are blessed to have a mom like you = ) You go mom!

  9. Kim says:

    I am in the 8yo lying phase too (he turns 8 on Monday) – and the whining about everything phase (homework, chores, coming in from outside, you take your pick). Good for you for sticking to your guns. Keep the picture for a reminder to what happens when they lie again.

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