Only me

After yesterday’s post, today’s post is going to give y’all proof positive that I’m absolutely nuts.

Yesterday’s mail brought the latest issue of On Track, the magazine produced by the IMQA (International Machine QUilters Association), and included was a list of the quilt show categories for MQS 2008.

My favorite category is the Bread and Butter category (quilts have to be one of hte specified patterns and quilted in the manner in which you would do a customer quilt).  This year’s quilts can be Rail Fence, Blooming Nine Patch or Lone Star.

How many quilts do you think I planned in my head last night?  Hmm?

And see, I’ve finished several in the last week or so, so I feel justified in starting something new.  Of course, these quilts will have a purpose (quilt show entries!).

See, told you I was nuts.



  1. Jan says:

    Well you are doing better than I am… I thought I read the whole magazine, yet I missed the bread and butter information… glad to hear they opened up that pattern selection to some other patterns this year!! Enjoy!!

  2. Diane F says:

    WOOHOO, I already have my B9P pieced all I have to do is put the borders on. I suppose I have to come up with some other kind of quilting besides meandering majic techniques!

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