Finding my fun

I mentioned that I have been uncovering lots of interesting things in the process of sorting, organizing, and general cleaning of my studio.

One of the things I think I’m finding is my fun.  It’s been in short supply lately — I go through the motions, and occasionally see flashes, but more often than not I spend a lot of time avoiding the studio.

It might have something to do with the fact that I can actually find things.  Novel concept, eh?  I’m actually finding myself excited about being in the studio, working on things, dreaming of what I’m going to do next.

One of the things I found was the extra blue and cream Moda Marble that let me finish this top:


The quilt is pieced on the diagonal — you don’t actually sew the star blocks, you sew a gob of 5 inch units, and then piece them into rows.  Needless to say, a design wall is a must for this one.  Remarkably, I managed to transport these rows to my sewing machine and then sew them together without messing up the order of any of them!

Most of the 5 inch units have been pieced together for months.  But some time ago, when I attempted to lay the quilt out and piece the blocks together, I discovered that I had done some miscutting and hadn’t made the blue and white hourglass blocks.   OK, to be honest, I was stupid about something, which I won’t go into any further.   And unfortunately, I couldn’t find the extra fabric. But I did find it this weekend, made those hourglass blocks, and put the top together in short blocks of time.  I even made the binding and have set aside some chunks of fabric for the backing!

As far as the Great Studio Cleanup of 2007 goes, I’m starting to approach the point where I’m looking at the odds and ends that I don’t know what to do with.   Where to put them — do I even keep them?  It’s all miscellaneous craft supplies and other strange things that I’m not sure I can part with…yet….

I need some more shelves or a set of drawers for my stash closet, and I still need to sort through my closet of waiting-to-be-quilted stuff, because it’s a mess and I now have more to add to it….

I didn’t get much done today, though, as we needed groceries and school supplies, an event which seemed to take forever.  The boys reluctantly followed me around the store with their Dufus Detectors on.  As they would get near each other they would make loud beeping sounds, indicating that they were near a Dufus.  Oddly enough, their Dufus Detectors also detect food items that they don’t like, as they would beep loudly when they saw the carrots.

Did I mention that school starts on Wednesday? Not that I’m counting or anything.




  1. joyce says:

    I love the quilt and it’s interesting how it’s put together. I think a lot of mothers are just waiting for school to start!

  2. Terri Watson says:

    Ooo! I like that top! Ya wanna send it to me so I can quilt it?!

    Count your blessings, our school doesn’t start until after Labor Day!

  3. Vicki W says:

    Glad you are getting your groove back! I remember when I emptied, cleaned and remodeled my sewing room in 2004 it was a huge boost to my creativity. I love this quilt! What will you do with it?

  4. Kate says:

    Doofus detectors – brilliant! Mine do that sort of thing too (being girls doesn’t seem to make any difference – my only boy is just 4 and not quite like that yet, though he’s learning) – luckily, though, we are spared the shopping for school supplies trip – we wear uniforms here so I can pick up everything they need except shoes without them being present and stuff like pencils and paper are all supplied by school. Which is a relief, as grocery shopping with three kids in tow is nightmare enough with school supplies, too.

    Anyway, what I was GOING to say was, I’m so pleased you are beginning to get your fun back – I know what you mean & it’s such a downer to be uninspired, isn’t it. I bet school starting will help even more.

  5. Alycia says:

    Glad you are getting your fun back – now will you come organize my room? Love your quilt too! And write these moments down and you will be able to blackmail those boys in about 4 -6 years!! ( its the best feeling in the world LOL)

  6. kaye wood says:

    It is interesting that each quilt says something different to each of us. I love this quilt and all of the movement that is happening. I remember when I was so glad to have school start again. And I have quilts that remind me of this time in my life just as this quilt has memories for the quiltmaker.
    This is one of the man reasons that quiltmaking is so important; each quilt carries with it many memories.
    Kaye Wood (

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