Disappearing Nine Patches

You know, when I first saw this quilt design on a blog somewhere, I had no idea that it was actually a pattern from a book.

The book is called….Disappearing Nine-Patch Quilts…and was written by Nancy Brenan Daniel

It looks like she has a ton more ideas about starting with Nine Patches and slicing them up — beyond the simple project I worked on.

Anyway, I just wanted to share what I just learned from someone else!  I’m all about credit where credit is due….


  1. eileenkny says:

    When do you find time to work on customer quilts? You are so busy!!!
    I looked on Amazon for that book, but it’s not listed. Her website doesn’t seem to have any books on it. And the jumping flamingoes got to me. lol
    I have to tell you, I love this ring and the site you’ve built for us. Thank you so much. But, I did blame you for my lack of productivity. hehe

  2. Lynn Douglass says:

    I like this! I’ve decided that I want to do more quilts that aren’t so complicated, that I get distracted. It’s that gnat attention span issue. This is a cool pattern! BTW, I’m pretty danged impressed by the Deere fabric with paisley! Whoda thunk it?

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