Are we there yet?

That’s the question that is the bane of every road-tripping parent the world over, I suspect.

It has it’s variations:

Are we almost there?

How much longer until we get there?

How long have we been driving?

 And the inevitable answers:

No, we aren’t there yet.  Does it look like we are there yet?

Four more hours.

Five minutes less than the last time you asked.

We’ve been driving forever.

Everytime you ask, Mom’s going to slow down 5MPH so it’ll take us that much longer to get there.

We’ll get there when we get there.  Go to sleep.

What I would like to know is this:

Why do they even ask?
As near as I can tell they have absolutely no sense of time, so why do they even bother?  An hour is like 5 minutes, and 5 minutes is like an hour.

Oh well, at least we made it home safely and no one is completely insane.



p.s.  I guess I forgot to mention *where* we went….quick trip to the Twin Cities for a day at the Mall of America and a Minnesota Twins game…

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  1. Jami says:

    Road trips with my parents always included:
    I’m thirsty…
    I have to go to the bathroom…
    She’s (or he’s) touching me…If the trip is extra long, replace touching with “he’s breathing on me”
    And from my sister…I’m gonna be sick. That ALWAYS brought the car to the side of the road faster than the speed of light! :o)
    Not missing those days…much!

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