WIP Wednesday

First:  at what age is it that you go from hating to have to go to bed, to recognizing that sleeping is a worthwhile activity that you wish you could do more of?  Today at lunch the boys were eating their dreaded carrots and were talking about the things that they hate more than carrots.  There were very few.  Tacos and Sleeping.  They would rather eat carrots than have to eat tacos or go to bed.

Mark said he’d offer the boys a choice at bedtime tonight:  sleep or a 1 lb bag of carrots.  Which do you think they’ll choose?

As far as works in progress go:

I spent quite a bit of today quilting and sewing.  Much progress has been made on the Confetti quilt (which might be changing names, more on that tomorrow…).  Five more seams and the body of the quilt top will be done.  Not sure about borders, considering a pieced checkerboard….

I got this QOV quilted today:


Those big snowball blocks cried out for something more than just me doing a quicky allover, so I did a fairly quicky light custom treatment.  You can’t see much of it, and I really should have waited until tomorrow to photograph this in better light, but hey, you get what you pay for here….

I’m trying to upload a detail shot, and my connection keeps timing out.  I’ll try again tomorrow.  Right now, I’m going to attempt to go to bed early.

See, I LOVE to sleep, unlik ethose silly boys of mine….




  1. Angela says:

    Hehehe — isn’t it amazing what we learn? Sleep good. Just wait until they are teenagers — they will learn the benefits of sleep! (not when you WANT them to, but hey)

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