Thick milk


A number of years ago I discovered that I am partially lactose-intolerant.  By partially I mean that I can cook with milk, I can eat ice cream, cheese and foods with these dairy products in them, but I can’t drink a glass of milk anymore.  And for a long time I was afraid to try any of the substitutes (pills, lactose-free milk, soy milk, etc…).  I did finally try Soy milk.  Ick.  LOL.  Eventually I got up the courage to try a lactose-free milk product, and thankfully I can drink it with no troubles.  It is so darned expensive, though, that I don’t buy very much of it:  just a little now and then so that I can have it on cereal.

Last week we went grocery shopping and while we were at the store, we split up.  Mark took the boys and I asked him to grab some of “my” milk.  It turns out that one of the boys was actually charged with picking it out.  It wasn’t until the next morning that I discovered that instead of the Fat Free Lactaid, they had actually bought me the Reduced Fat Lactaid.  (I can’t really blame them, the Fat free carton is purple, the Reduced Fat carton is a dark purply-blue:  even though I know which is which, I usually check the words to make sure.)

Now, back in my misspent youth, I drank 2% milk.  And I fought switching to Skim as hard as I could.  I drank 2% well into college.   But now?  Holy cow.  Look at how thick it is!  Of course it really isn’t *thick* but it sure looks that way!  I’m using it on my cereal, but I can’t really imagine actually drinking it straight up, so to speak.

Of course, the funniest part about this is the fact that I poured my milk into a glass, took more than a few pictures in an effort to get the right one and spent all of this time writing about it.

Clearly, I need to get a life.


p.s. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep last night, and only feel sort of better about the situation that caused last night’s posting.  What I probably need is some fabric therapy.  I will endeavor to spend as much time in therapy today as I can.


  1. Judy W says:

    Suzanne, I too am lactose intolerant and drink Fat Free Lactaid. Having been on a “diet” mentality since I was probably 12 years old (???) I’ve only drank fat-free since it was originally called skim!!!! LOL

    2% UCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way too thick!!!!!! But then DH calls my milk “no-milk milk” as there’s no lactose, no fat, according to him it’s just “colored water” LOL

  2. Vcki W says:

    I can’t even THINK about drinking a glass of milk – yuk! I can’t drink any dairy milk but I can’t imagine rice or soy milk beyond use as an ingredient. Yes, I think you need fabric therapy if you are spending this much time photographing milk! LOL! You need a LOT of fabric/button/bead/trim/paint/paper therapy. I suggest an emergency “appointment”.

  3. Jan says:

    Hmm… I just don’t do milk unless it’s an ingredient in something else…. you know…. like cream in coffee 😉

  4. AllenQuilts says:

    Those same storm clouds are troubling me deeply. If it’s any consolation, your reputation has in no way been sullied with me. I’ve seen nothing out of you but dignified, professional behavior. It is all very sad. I have a deep sense of loss about all this. Some things will never be/feel the same…

  5. Suzanne's mother says:

    You make me laugh, dear daughter, thinking about photographing a glass of milk.
    Talk about therapy — I spent my lunch time performing fabric AND yarn therapy. Yikes! Isn’t there something about the fruit not falling too far from the tree?
    I knew exactly the fabric I “needed” for the jelly roll quilt I’m making. Brown and white polka dots — did I expect to find it? No. BUT, the local fabric shop had exactly what I was looking for. And they had a cute little coordinating lighter colored polka dot for contrast. I’m sewing tonight!

  6. kayp says:

    You can just write about anything can’t you?!? Milk. too funny. Retail therapy is good no matter what ails you.

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