Storm clouds


I’m really angry about something.   I’m angry about a situation with an online community that I used to belong to.  I’m angry because a very dear friend has been slandered,  I’m angry because I suspect that because of my association with my very dear friend that my reputation is also being stained, and I’m angry because I’m powerless to do anything about any of it.

I’m a former member:  my opinion of what’s going on means nothing and I have no way to express it.

I can only hope that a good night’s sleep will chase away the storm clouds that are troubling me.

photo: DH came in this evening and said that there was a really strange cloud formation to the northeast.  Hard to get a good picture of it, a tripod would have helped.  Very eerie.  Thankfully, the strong storms stayed to our north and while we got thunder, lightning, and rain, nothing severe came our way.


  1. rondabeyer says:

    Sending the rain to wash away the pain and anger then sunshine to brighten your pretty face and your tomorrow. Hugs……

  2. Mom says:

    Life isn’t fair and some people are jerks. You and your friend are not jerks. You are both loving and caring and thoughtful and professional. May that storm blow over and bring some needed rain to wash away the pain and anger, to quote your friend Ronda. Love you much.

  3. Jan says:

    I hope that sleep did wash those storm clouds away! Fantastic pic by the way. I have not ever heard one bad word about you. Even when you are angry, you handle yourself with integrity, dignity and your ethics are great. You have my respect if that counts for much.

  4. Lisa Thiessen says:

    I hope that this all blows over for the both of you really, really quickly. One of the things about online stuff is that it’s often not as bad as it seems. It’s usually a couple of noisy dissenters and a silent majority who don’t necessarily agree. I hope that’s the case for you.

  5. Angela says:

    Lovely picture and apropos of a situation. Here’s hoping that a good night’s sleep has washed away some of the anger. One of my favorite chants for situations I can’t do much about is:

    All will be well,
    And all will be well,
    And all manner of things will be well.
    Julian of Norwich

    Just have to love those 14th century mystics!

  6. Angela says:

    Ok, and it should be:

    All shall be well,
    And all shall be well,
    And all manner of things shall be well.

    *sigh* some mornings I swear I need more caffine!

  7. sophie says:

    Ugh. It seems few things are crueler than women when they gang up on someone (and anyone associated with that someone). I’m so sorry this is happening to your friend and, by association, you.

    Like that approaching storm in your fantastic photo, try to accept that there’s nothing you can do about it and know that it will blow over soon enough.

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