My mom is going to die….

When she sees the fabric I bought yesterday.

I have spent most of my life telling everyone that I hate paisleys.  It was an irrational hatred that I couldn’t actually explain, I just….didn’t like paisley.  My mom, on the other hand, loves paisley — and has been collecting paisley fabric in order to make a quilt of all paisleys…

In recent months, I’ve….softened my position…and don’t really HATE paisley anymore……

Look what I found yesterday:


Isn’t that bottom fabric adorable?  Now, I don’t like ALL paisley fabric, but I’m willing to admit that it has it’s charms.  (The top fabric is a stripe that went with it.  I got 2 yards of the stripe and 3 of the paisley — finished the bolt…)

I also bought this to be the back of my crayon box quilt:


Today, Mom and I will be heading to a yarn store (so she can get some help with sock-knitting), and I suspect we’ll wind up at the quilt store, too….




  1. Sharon Dixon says:

    Suzanne, you nearly scared ME to death when I saw the title of your post! I was afraid your mom was ill. I love paisleys, too…..maybe because I’m probably your mom’s age:) And I love the fabric you chose for the backing of your confetti quilt. It’s perfect.

    On another note, thanks for the info about the Readers. I was having such trouble keeping up with everyone after all the hoopla on you know where and I signed up for the Google Reader and can now check everybody’s blogs in one place.

  2. Marty52 says:

    Well, I know that as Queen Ann’s Lace, and yes, it is a weed; however, it’s my very favorite weed! Sometimes you see them in a wildflower garden… I think they are lovely.

  3. Mom (Mary Ann) says:

    So, I go over to Suzanne’s this morning and I say hello to the guys (merrily playing with their Game Cube), we walk into her studio and she walks in and picks up these fabrics, walks toward me with the prettiest pink/red and green paisley and coordinating stripe. I think, Mother’s Day was in May, my b’day is in November, why would she possibly be giving me a present. Then I saw the look on her face — I can read her like a book — I knew that she has been developing a selective liking for paisleys. It wasn’t bad enough that she bought this lovely fabric. Oh no, she FINISHED THE BOLT. She did say she’d consider giving me a fat quarter.
    I’m quite sure I could find more of this paisley somewhere in the universe. I really need to get going on my paisley quilt to show her who really likes paisley the best and has paisleys bought in fabric stores all over the country — ME!!!

  4. Gina says:

    Jeez Suz, freaked me out too with title!
    I love paisleys, and those are just yummy!
    Whats google reader?

  5. Kate says:

    Well, I’m not paisley mad either, but I sure like that one. I think it’s the blatant retro-ness of it all. Goes great with the stripes, too.

  6. Sharon Dixon says:

    Mary Ann, at least you didn’t read Suzanne’s blog title and think there was something the family was keeping from you:) And when I visited with Suzanne at MQS, I found that she is slightly younger than my daughter….so that’s why the comment about me being your age. I’m sure if you go to, you can find some of that paisley fabric for yourself since your DD can’t part with more than a fat quarter. As a matter of fact, I may have to go look for some of it for myself. It is yummy!

  7. Irene DeBlois says:

    Suzanne, my heart was in my throat when I read the title!!
    But I love that paisley and the one for your crayon box quilt.
    When will we see pictures?


  8. Mom (Mary Ann) says:

    You all have made my day, calling me a hoot and a riot. Sharon, go buy the paisley, just let us know what you do with it. I’ll make Suzanne (ha! think I can make that kid do anything any more?) give me a good sized square of it and I’ll have a great story to remember about it when I get the paisley quilt done. Maybe I should go to her house when she’s cutting the fabric it up and take the scraps that fall to the floor.
    She is going to help me set up a blog of my own one of these days. I hope you all will come and visit me when we do that. S and her sibs could tell you how I tend to wander when I write to them. I know they read what I say (they’d better not tell me that if they see it’s me they delete). But they don’t always respond. I’d have a better chance of hearing from someone if I had a wider audience.

  9. Sharon Dixon says:

    Mary Ann, I would definitely read your blog! I hear they’re easy to set up, but I haven’t done one myself either. I talk so much that I’m afraid I would give away too much private stuff!

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