Good Mail day(s) aka Stray Threads Post #48

1.  Just received my latest Quilters Newsletter.  Everybody who has a copy, please turn to pages 60/61 — the book review section….la di da di da!

I haven’t looked at any of the rest of it, but I do notice that they have got a new look, and some new columns.  I look forward to a more in-depth read later.

2.  Yesterday was a good DHL/UPS day — 2 rolls of batting (the Quilters Dream blend I had ordered), plus an unexpected box of batting — got a free queen-size batt from Fairfield.  It’s their new 60/40 cotton/poly blend.   Has anyone tried it?  I’ll be sure to report as soon as I’ve had a chance to try it out!

3.  And I guess I alluded to this the other day, but last week I got the newest Quiltmaker magazine: they had a blurb about blogging, and some of the blogs they visit — and they very kindly included mine in the list!

I should probably go look up links to the various companies I’ve just mentioned and include them, but I need to go do some serious contemplation of supper, plus that darned quilt is still calling my name….6 more blocks to go, plus a gazillion rows of sashing….



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  1. Angela says:

    Congrats on all of the mentions/write-ups. Woo Hoo! I love your crayon box quilt — what about “96 colors” for the title? That was always my favorite box to get!

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