I haven’t done a Wednesday WIP report in….weeks….and yes, today isn’t even Wednesday, but consider this a make-up post.

A few days ago, I decided I needed to do some mindless sewing. I pulled out this box of 2 inch squares and started in. After sewing and sewing and sewing — I got tired of making pairs and then 4 patches and decided to see where I was at. I was pretty sure I had at least 400 4 patches done.

The reality: 72 4 patches.

Oookay. Moving on………

I decided to pull out my box of 2 inch light strips, and started cutting and sewing some more.

A miracle occurred and I wound up with the following blocks and layout:


The other 37 blocks are still in various stages of completion. My box of 2 inch light strips is looking quite empty of usable lights (although it was slim-pickings to begin with). I’ll be cutting into some yardage in order to have enough for the sashing.

I didn’t think I’d made much of a dent in that shoe box of 2 inch squares, but I went and took a picture this morning. I still need to pull out some more for the sashing and to finish some of the blocks.


Of course, there’s enough in there for how many more 4 patches or 9 patches?

I think the quilt looks like Confetti, thus the name. I suspect it’ll end up as a Quilt of Valor eventually. It has provided some much needed fabric therapy for me, and maybe it can provide some comfort for someone else, too.

I have absolutely no more time for piecing this weekend — I’m off to Wisconsin to teach! I’m really excited and can’t wait to meet everyone. In fact, I really need to stay away from the computer, as I have a bunch of things to do in order to finish getting ready to go to Wisconsin….

Have a great weekend!



  1. Vcki W says:

    This looks just like a UFO that I have based on a pattern from QNM from YEARS ago. It was called Confetti. it’s the very same pattern but set on point. I have al of my 4-patches and singles done. I JUST need to cut the background fabric. Maybe someday…. Have fun teaching!

  2. LynnS says:

    Confetti is simply fantastic!! Doncha just love how ‘randomness’ can be so enjoyable?

    I also do ‘mindless sewing’ and as you demonstrate here, the end result can be stunning.

    Kudos on this one!

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